A home heating system is a system that provides space heating to spaces such as a building or home. 

There are two different types of home heating: central heating and space heating. Central heating provides heat throughout the entire building by using either hot water or steam, which is circulated through pipes in the walls, floor and ceiling of the building. The other type of home heater is the space heater, which heats only one area or room in the house. 

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 There are many reasons to choose a home heater, here are just a few: 

  • A home heater reduces energy consumption on one specific device instead of using all the energy in the house on multiple devices. 
  • A home heater uses natural gas, electricity or propane and doesn’t need any ventilation or ducts which is what central heating systems require. 
  • Home heaters can provide even warmth to different rooms in the house, depending on how many areas you want to heat up to reach your desired temperature level. This means that you don’t have to buy more than one type of appliance for your home heating needs. 

Gas vs. Electric vs. Propane? Which is Best for Your Home? 

Gas furnaces and air conditioners are more efficient, offer more heating or cooling power, and have less of an impact on the environment than electric home units. 

The advantages of gas are that it is a cheaper option to go with for heating in the winter. 

Another advantage is that gas furnaces tend to be easier to maintain. 

Propane tanks can provide a lot of heat quickly, but have certain disadvantages as well. They must be refilled regularly and are not safe around small children. 


Gas vs. Electric Heater 

  • Gas heats faster and is more powerful than electric. 
  • It can heat a larger space, but the overall cost of operating a gas heater is high due to its consumption of fuel. 
  • You also have to replace or refill your propane tank as it runs out. 

Electric vs. Propane Heater 

  • Electric heaters are quieter and safer because they do not burn anything and produce no emission or fumes to worry about. 
  • It’s easier to regulate the temperature with an electric heater than with a gas heater which has no thermostat settings. 
  • Propane heaters are cheaper to run, and they’re easy to start up without any installation costs 

How to Cut your Energy Bills with a New Home Heating System 

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These tips will help you lower your energy bills. Save money on heating, cooling and electricity with these energy saving tips. 

Energy efficiency – Change any leaky drafty old windows and doors to newer, more efficient ones. Many older homes have single pane glass that can lose up to 4% of the heat before it goes out the window while newer windows have an R value of up to 5 which prevent more than 2% from escaping out the window. 

Make your home comfortable by adding insulation in through a blown-in insulation or by adding foam and caulking around air leaks in the attic or openings for electrical or plumbing pipes that lead outdoors. You may want to use fiberglass insulation that is easily blown into walls and ceilings, but be sure it does not come into contact with your siding.